Reykjanes (The Steamy Peninsula) is the name of the southwestermost tip of the country. The area is and looks very volcanic and barren. The most conspicuous are the old shield volcanoes and the crater rows, which most probably were created in historic times. The area is scarred with fissures, there is much thermal activity and the nearby, powerful high temperature area has partially been harnessed to supply
energy to a salt factory and a fish processing factory for drying fish heads.

The tour starts by visiting an old viking cottage called Stekkjarkot, then we will go to see one of Iceland's oldest lighthouse and also visiting boiling mud pot called Gudrun's Geysir. After that we will go to the place where you can walk over the bridge which connects the two techtonic plates. You can walk from the north american plate to the european plate!

Then we go to the Blue Lagoon, which is a natural geothermal spa, and relax in the healthy water.